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Enterprise and the good ol' pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. Modern vernacular "workin' it." Hard work, selling, making, producing, to better oneself, to better ones economic opportunity, to hold fast to the hope that one will make a greater life for ones family and those after oneself. That my friends is business.

Yes, in terms of the cut and dry economics class, the buying and selling of products and services. Yes indeed, the sum of our gross domestic product. Truly though, what is the point though of capital goods and currency in flowing through ones fingers and knuckles. Its the purpose that binds, its the purpose that ties and drives. Making, earning, spending, saving, and being generous with capital with and for a purpose.

How do you define business? Is it "good" is it "bad", or do be more verbose, is it "honorable" or does it bring thoughts of "disdain"? Please do comment below, others are eager to share and to learn. Business, oh how generalistic a term, must be harnessed for the betterment of humanity.

Peyto Lake
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